“Me, poor man, my library
Was dukedom large enough.”

William Shakespeare, The Tempest

What better day to inaugurate a blog about books than on National Book Lovers Day?

As every book-lover knows, there is nothing quite like the sensation of getting lost in a book. For me, it is a warm glow that fills me just as my mind is filled with the book’s secrets. That secret knowledge gained as you journey through the pages is a sort of initiation, and — if the author has done his job — you have changed by the time you reach the back cover.

When I was 16, after reading Philip K. Dick’s “The Electric Ant” in my philosophy class, I knew that my biggest desire in this world is to absorb as much as I can of it. I wanted to know everything, and I felt that, the more I knew, the less solid my world would become. Like the android who realized he could alter reality by altering his reality, I watched as the world changed because I was changing. With every change we make, even changes to our thoughts, we push certain things away from us and pull new things towards us. Even a spider’s delicate little legs walking across his web causes the morning dew on it to tremble. Fantasy author Robert Jordan described a similar concept in The Eye of the World:

Sometimes the Wheel bends a life-thread, or several threads, in such a way that all the surrounding threads are forced to swirl around it, and those force other threads, and those still others, and on and on. That first bending to make the Web, that is ta’veren, and there is nothing you can do to change it, not until the Pattern itself changes.

The more about the world I gather, the more secret knowledge I gain between the covers of books, the more goodness and wonder I draw towards me.

Literary Leisure is my place to discuss that secret knowledge that dwells hidden within every book, big or small, and the way the initiation has altered me. I enjoy reading, writing, and talking about books almost as much as I enjoy reading them. (Almost.) Literary Leisure is an outlet for my book-related ramblings and a place to discuss books with all you passers-by. It will include book reviews and recommendations. The genres that litter my shelves and will be included in this blog are:

  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Classics
  • Children’s
  • Middle grade
  • Young adult
  • Philosophy
  • Religion (of all kinds)
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Humor
  • Education

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