Wordless Wednesday: Art That I Adore

Wordless Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted by Grace of kimmie.gg. Each week she offers a prompt that isn’t related to books so that we can share a bit about ourselves as people and not just as readers and get to know one another better!

This week’s topic is art.

What are some of your favorite pieces and genres?
Which artist do you adore?

My absolute favorite artist is John William Waterhouse, a British 19th century painter who created beautiful, fantastical portraits, many of which were inspired by mythology.

Saint Cecilia (1895)
Andine (1872)
The Lady of Shalott (1888)

He is such a talented artist — even his sketches and rough drafts are beautiful — that I don’t have a favorite painting of his!

The art that I enjoy the most is highly detailed art of fantasy scenes and beautiful, surreal imagery.

Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels (Melun Diptych) by Jean Fouquet (1452)
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch (1490 – 1510)

I love digital art, as well, that falls into the same category. I play a lot of video games, especially fantasy RPGs, and I always find the scenery, armor, and concept art very inspiring.

Ken Liu
Heroes of Dre’jeanstin by Jen Zee (2011)

You can find oodles more at my writing inspiration Pinterest board.

What sort of art makes you melt?


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