Teaser Tuesday: When You Do Some Light Travel-Writing While On Your Search for Dragons

anhod-coverTeaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Jenn of Books and a Beat. Participating is simple: crack open your current read to a random page, share a few consecutive (spoiler-free) “teaser” sentences to give your readers a taste, and reveal the book so they can add it to their TBR shelf if it piques their interest!

This week’s featured teaser comes from A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan.

Although it is hard to find now, I encourage any youngsters reading this — by which I mean anyone under the age of forty — to seek out a copy of my first publication, A Journey to the Mountains of Vystrana. Not for reasons of quality; it’s an insipid little thing, produced because at the time travel writing was considered a suitable genre for young ladies’ pens. But that book, which contains a much fuller account of our travel from Scirland to Vystrana, is a window into a time all but forgotten now, in this age of railways, fast ships, and caeligers.

I’m really enjoying Isabella’s memoirs. She is a witty, funny, and down-to-earth narrator, and the book is such a page-turner that I have to force myself to put it down!

On another note, does anyone know what a caeliger is?


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