Book Review: The Magic Bunny by Paddy Comyn and Barry Sheehan


The Magic Bunny by Paddy Comyn and Barry Sheehan


The Magic Bunny is an accompanying board book to the adorable Jellycat bunny (sold separately), Oliver’s first stuffed animal, but unfortunately it’s a rather mediocre little story. It gets the point across — Bunny will keep you safe at night until mom comes and wakes you up in the morning — but the rhyme lacks eloquence, and the illustrations are simplistic and pale and bland in color.

Magic Bunny

They were so lacking in contrast and color that Oliver wasn’t interested in them, though with any other book he’s giggling and smiling at the images and trying to grab them right out of the page. I thought it would be cute to have the book that matched his toy, but having read it I wish I hadn’t wasted my money!

The deficiency in art and writing would earn this book one star if it weren’t for the message of the book. I really respect writers who seek to reassure children and make them feel safe and secure. Having a tiny body is tough stuff! The last thing a child needs is to have their concerns invalidated. While The Magic Bunny is probably not a book Oliver and I will be picking up again and again, those few times we do read it will help to reassure him that he is well-loved and quite safe. Between the book’s message and its shortcomings, it earns 2 out of 5 bottles of milk.

Magic Bunny 2

You should still get the soft and adorable Jellycat bunny, though! So huggable.


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